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Peer Mentor Handbook

How to work with patients and Healthcare teams

First Edition



The Emotional Aspects of Transplant:

A New Perspective





The Regenerating Healthcare Project. 

“Systematic review of the literature examining peer mentors during the transplant process” submitted for peer review.


 The Regenerating Healthcare Project.

“Findings of a national survey of peer mentorship programs for transplant patients” in editing , coming soon.



"When you are in a place of knowledge, it is a moral obligation to educate It is the only way to erradicate ingornace and begin to create healthy change"

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Evolving, fluid, collaborative, while still holding structural integrity and scientific rigor. 

These articles represent  a new way to write a paper or article in which everyone has access, everyone has a voice.  A living, breathing document which is still comprehensive in scope.  This is one way to not only broaden our view of scientific concepts while saving valuable time to allow the growth of an idea and concept and shorten the time to publication and adoption into practice.

We believe the key to achieving this starts with traversing both upstream and downstream of a concept or group of concepts.  



We share our ideas here as a beginning point. 

You may disagree, that is wonderful , normal, and we welcome you to share via fellowship and socratic dialogue. 

In fact, help us write a better, newer version.

Contact us and start building better foundations together with our community.   

What to expect from a conceptual framework:

EVOLUTION - We want to address the spectrum that exists between words such as paradigm, perspective, world view, theory and contrast these with words such as framework, model, standard ; not to imply hierarchy, but generally the first group of words are more abstract and the last group more concrete.  Also generally, perspectives , paradigms can inform the formulation of frameworks such as in empiric, scientific research but the process can flow the other direction as well where observed measurable relationships or processes then lead to the formulation of frameworks (again as an analytical tool to either solve a problem or better understand the world).  It may take several such frameworks to lead to the development of a paradigm for example.  However, far more commonly the process flows the other way.  For example, in medical research a novel drug may be developed based on laboratory findings or biochemical understanding of a specific disease.  Just as commonly , the observed nature of a disease process by doctors or nurses may lead to the development of a theory which then can be attempted to be verified or tested. In these cases, if we don’t know the biochemical basis of the disease, a treatment is tested even without knowing the exact details of all the biologic interactions happening.  Our understanding of mental, emotional, behavioral disease or effects is far more abstract as there are less verifiable, measurable outcomes that have thus far been solidified.  We believe it is important to keep in perspective for both health practitioners as well as those outside the field that the framework for a particular disease process for example or even the functioning of a particular part of the body is constantly evolving.  


FLUIDITY - Furthermore, we believe it is important to view the downstream more “concrete” structures a bit more fluidly as well. Concepts as members or components of a framework can change and evolve, we must leave room for this process; we believe this is the key to future creation of solutions to the problems we face.  This can lead to new models, standards and hypotheses that can be verified, validated and tested but there needs to exist an inter-connectedness between as well as a bi-directional flow.  See also our glossary.   Therefore, we expect to continue to update our frameworks as new data but also new people and ideas are introduced. 

COLLABORATIVE - Our aim is to introduce a starting point for the building of conceptual frameworks to both upstream improve our human understanding of health, wellness healing and also the downstream effects of implementation and integration into practice and application. We expect and joyously welcome diverse perspectives to help deepen and broaden our understanding. 

STRUCTURE and INTEGRITY- We must understand the complexity of the issues we face in healthcare, we must due our due diligence to not not shy away from the bad and the good, building without first going back to foundation and basics is unchecked growth which by another name is malignancy.  In order to achieve this, we will use a structure for our conceptual frameworks. What these articles will look like: we will define, describe and categorize to help you ground your understanding into your own context. These will fall in three categories:


1- The concepts needed to address a specific problem are not present in the current paradigm, this is actually rare but there are examples and we want to create a discourse around these. We will continue to build a glossary of definitions focused on those objects, fundamentals and concepts. 


2 - In other cases the concepts exist, are widely known and accepted but are not applied in practice or treatment.  We will discuss these further in conceptual frameworks in the form of articles but also through our multimedia to create an awareness of the underlying issues and dynamics that have culminated in our modern problems.  Our aim is to position new leaders and builders with a clear understanding of problems without an attachment to parts we may have played in participating in these problems.  We also want to introduce a space for standard setting that is truly free,  and not burdened by repeating the patterns of the past.  


3 - Lastly some concepts exist but are not applied as a standard or model leading to significant disparities in the experience of healthcare.  We address these in dual definitions and also in our multimedia.  We invite discourse around the tackling of these issues in our Forum. 

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